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User Creation, Access Setup and Role Assignment


The following video will help you create users and get them set up in the system.

How to Control Access using User Attributes

User Attributes without a value (empty) should be taken into account when using a negative condition to control access.

For example: 

A => Department - is - Help Desk

B => Department - is - Consultant

C=> Department - is Empty - true

To disallow consultants and help desk employees but allow users with no department. The condition should be:


When entering the Expression Grouping condition, use all caps (or CAPS LOCK). If using lowercase letters, the UI will show uppercase letters, but the system will produce “Invalid Expression Grouping” error message and will not save edits/modifications.




The number of allowed user attributes used to control access to the site (such as email, password, title, department) is limited to 78.