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Planview Customer Success Center

How to Close a Tap

When you've selected one or more Response(s) that resolves your question, or found your answer elsewhere, you'll want to Close your Tap. Only the Tap owner can close a Tap.

  1. Click the Close This Tap button on your Tap's landing page.



Figure 1 - Close This Tap button


  1. You will be offered several radio button possibilities as to what your next steps will be. Select the most appropriate radio button for your response and click Close.

Tap Closure INterface.png

Figure 2 - Tap closure interface


  1. A non-persistent success message will appear.


Figure 3 - Tap successfully closed


  1. The Closed date will now appear on the Tap.


Figure 4 - Close date posts to the Tap


If the Tap was closed without selecting a Response, a contextual message will appear on this Tap on the TeamTap home page. If a Response was selected prior to closing the Tap, the message will reflect this.



Figure 5 - Closure without and with Response(s) chosen