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You Ask/We Answer Challenge


The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has created many opportunities for companies to engage employees on their IdeaPlace crowdsourcing platform. The “You Ask, We Answer” challenge template was built to address a very specific use case: allow employees to ask questions, and provide a single, official response.


How it Works 

Companies are doing their best to keep employees informed of ever-changing circumstances, but they may not be providing all of the information employees need. The “You Ask, We Answer” challenge template was designed to allow employees to submit and view questions related to COVID-19 in a transparent manner. It is also designed to only allow designated Moderators (from Human Resources or Corporate Communications, for example) to be able to provide the response, which is visible to all users. Once a response has been posted, users are then able to “join the conversation” with comments, follow-on questions or clarifications, or even helpful links or videos. Administrators or Moderators would be able to remove any of these reply comments if needed.

This is an Always-On challenge design, so there is only one phase. Also, as we are simply sharing information, there is no graduation of ideas from stage to stage. There is no voting.




Next steps 

As outlined in the one-pager above, and the attached YAWA Challenge deck, you’ll first need to request that this template be added to your site.

  • Simply submit a Support ticket at requesting the “You Ask, We Answer” template.
  • You will be notified in the ticket once it has been added.
  • Then, simply initiate creation of a challenge as you normally would, selecting the “YaWa” template.

Once you have created the challenge, you’ll only need to make a few configuration changes:

  • Review and edit the challenge title and call to action, if necessary.
  • Update the challenge image, if necessary.
  • Review and edit the How It Works page, if necessary.
  • Assign designated people as Moderators.
  • Launch
  • Once launched, change the permissions setting for  posting comments from Members to Moderators:
    • Click Administration > User Management > Permissions, then scroll down to Permission Settings for Comment under Post Permissions. Select Moderator and ensure no other roles have been selected. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Finally, once the challenge has launched, we recommend that you create some "seed" content, just as you would for a standard challenge:

  • Add a few common questions (to which you’ve likely already communicated answers to your employees) to the challenge.
  • Once published, the Moderators can provide the official response in the form of a comment.

Once the site is ready to go, provide the link to your employees along with an invitation to pose their questions to the site.