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Top 10 Tips/Best Practices for Hosting a Challenge

  1. Find the right sponsor: Someone dedicated to solving an important opportunity and willing to advocate for the challenge and follow through with the ideas.
  2. Ask the right question: Something that is owned by the sponsor and is aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.
  3. Invite the right audience: The more the better. Diversity in thinking is an innovator's best friend.
  4. Moderate the conversation: Active moderation helps build ideas, connect people to ideas, and keeps the crowd focused on the challenge topic.
  5. Evaluate the ideas: Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) should evaluate the crowd-nominated ideas, to ensure they meet the sponsor's criteria for success.
  6. Communicate: A well planned communication campaign drives overall participation and engagement on the desired behaviors and goals.
  7. Recognize excellence: Provide recognition for participants that go above and beyond with their activity levels and quality of content.
  8. Monitor the challenge: Check idea graduation rates and participation levels often; which can help determine needed adjustments to graduation criteria and communications.
  9. Take action: Do something with the selected ideas to build credibility and demonstrate value to all stakeholders.
  10. Follow up: Let the audience know what's happening with the selected ideas, so it doesn't turn into a black hole suggestion box.