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October/November 2022 Release Notes

IdeaPlace Release Notes

Browser Support

Planview IdeaPlace seeks to maintain the best user experience possible and therefore we support the following browsers for use with our application:

The latest generally available versions of Microsoft Edge (currently 106.0.1370.34)

  • Google Chrome (currently 107.0.5304.121)
  • Firefox (currently 107.0)
  • Safari (macOS 16.1 only)
  • iPhone/iPad (Safari 16.1)
  • Android (107.0.5304.141)

Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

November 16, 2022

Idea Sharing

Following the enhancements to Share Idea which were delivered on the 2nd of November, we have moved to update some elements of the feature that were not contained within the initial release.

User Experience

  • Corrected an issue where the removal of a user or email address resulted in the inability for a new user or email to be added.
  • Amended the container "pill" for each user or email to expand when longer usernames or emails are entered.
  • We observed an issue where the toast message which appears when a share is enacted to multiple users or email addresses was not aligned. This has now been corrected to display all the users and email addresses in the toast message.

Translations – The translations for all core languages are now in place for the new email template and components within the Share Idea functionality.

November 2, 2022


IdeaPlace Branding - This release sees the introduction of the new IdeaPlace branding, which replaces the Spigit branding in several areas. The following components and images will be updated as a result:

·       Header Image – in any community or challenge that is either displaying a default or non-customized image

·       Footer Image – the "powered by" image will change to an IdeaPlace icon

·       Help guides – all guide iconography and text will now use IdeaPlace

Please note that existing templates for communities and challenges that use customized (non-default) images will not be altered. Site URLs will also remain as a composition.

Idea Sharing

Share Ideas to Non-Registered Users – Following the enhancement to the Idea Quick View, which added the ability to share an idea from the pop up, we are now adding new functionality to enhance users’ collaboration experience.


Figure 1 - Email address entered

When sharing an idea, users will now have the option to enter an email address or search for a registered user. The latter functionality is unchanged and will generate a lookup once the user enters three characters.

When entering an email address, the user will enter the address and then press the Enter key once they have completed the email address. This will allow the application to run a check for completeness and enter the email address into a grey "pill-shaped" box, which confirms a correct entry.

The application will then allow for a custom message to be entered. This will be contained within the new email template which has been created to support the new functionality.


Figure 2 - Share with Email Address email template listed in Emails

The email template is enabled by default and offers the standard configuration options to administrators. The email itself is designed to provide simple signposting back to the application, but this message can of course be updated.


Figure 3 - Share With email template

The template supports a variety of variables: link, relink, inviter, nodetitle, message, unsubscribe, website, sitename, applicationname, webadminemail, infoemail, and idealabel.

Please note that if a user receives the email via the email share, they will still require access to the application or individual challenge. If they do not have access or cannot create an account, they will not be able to access the application to view the idea.

In this release, the entire feature is limited the English language (en_US & en_UK) with all Tier One languages being added in the next weekly release.

Security Update

XSS Username Check - Following the Checkmarx SAST scan dated 24-JAN-2022, we have been working to remediate some findings related to the username lookup and check capability by implementing a fix for a potential XSS risk inside of the username field for administrators.


October 5, 2022

Security Update – Following the Checkmarx SAST scan dated 24-JAN-2022, we have been working to remediate some findings related to the content management service files.

This specific fix remediates possible SQL injections in the Specifically, when using the getIdeasWithHighestStockPrice(), it now includes the tag within the arguments array instead of appending it to the SQL.