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Sentiment Key Influencers


This visualization shows what influences the overall sentiment score for ideas in the challenge. Use the challenge filter to select challenges. Use Increase & Decrease to understand the positive and negative influences.

The sentiment is derived from a Power BI capability which is described here. The visualization is designed to show you how sentiment is influenced in each challenge. This influence is described using key metrics and metadata that may be present in your challenge.


Sentiment Key Influencers.png

Sentiment Key Influencers Report example



Business Outcomes

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Supporting Capabilities

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Report Details

The visualization is explained by:

  • Number of Challenge Visitors
  • Number of Active Users
  • Comment Count
  • Vote Count
  • Idea Views
  • Number of Pairwise Voters
  • Number of Team Members
  • Specified Audience Size

The list above represents the default explanation metrics. The sentiment will use those metrics to explain what happens if any one of them impacts the sentiment that is expressed and scored within the challenge.

Any other metric or count can be added to the visualization. Please remember to copy the visualization to a custom report to prevent any changes from being overwritten by system maintenance.