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Planview Customer Success Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can an idea belong to multiple categories?

A. No. Ideas can only be posted to one category at a time. Once posted, Moderators or Administrators can move them to other categories within a challenge. Administrators can move ideas into other Challenges.


Q. Can I control permissions at the category level?

A. Yes. Categories can be controlled by accessing each category homepage (accessible through the settings section in Edit Challenge) and you should access the control panel, which outlines the options for controlling categories.


Q. Can I create sub categories?

A. Yes although it is not advisable. Sub categories while useful for finite classification can confuse end users. We tend to find that customers follow the best practice of maintaining Top Level categories only.


Q. Should I create an Other category?

A. Best practice dictates that these are best avoided. There is a strong link between categorization and delivery of ideas. Having strong category titles that align with the challenge works well in organizing ideas into coherent streams that match delivery departments and delivery funding. Often, the general type categories don’t have that link, which can result in a risk when it comes to factoring in delivery scenarios.