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Planview Customer Success Center

4.5.1 Release Notes

Updated Privacy Statement 

The standard Planview IdeaPlace privacy statement has been amended to reflect updated language. Please note that the pop up now displays without an Accept option. 

Users will be prompted with the privacy statement upon initial entry to the application. Instead of accepting the pop up, they will see a link to the Planview statement on Personal Identifiable Information (PII), from which they can obtain more information. 
















Security Fixes 

We have adjusted a legacy API endpoint that allowed user account modification. This endpoint is now restricted so that it will only be available if the UserID making the call matches the UserID of the active session.  

Bug Fixes 

Insights – Following reports of a red "alert" type banner appearing on the Insights page, we have investigated and discovered that this was erroneously appearing. This has now been fixed to only display if there is an error on the page.