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Planview Customer Success Center

February 2023 Release Notes

February 1, 2023

User Experience Updates 

Challenge Overview Display – Following analysis of user feedback and click data, we have taken the decision to increase the number of ideas that are loaded by default on the Overview page.  

Prior to this release, users would see three ideas that they had either not viewed or voted on before (depending upon the active phase configuration). With the 1st of February release, we are updating the page to display up to twelve ideas. These ideas will remain as "not viewed" or "not seen" in order to appear on the Overview page. 

This enhancement will improve the user experience for users, removing at least two clicks from the average journey through the Overview page. 


App Home Challenge Display – Continuing our analysis of user behaviour, we have moved to increase the number of challenge tiles that are displayed, by default, on the App Home page.  

AppHome is the core landing page in each IdeaPlace instance, and it is important that users have quick and easy access to all live challenges that are running. Previously, three challenge tiles were loaded, requiring the user to click Load More Challenges to display more (in sets of three). With this enhancement, the page will now display up to nine challenges by default.  

If more than nine challenges are available, the user will still be able to load more challenges (in batches of nine), however the expansion of the default number will provide support for the vast majority of use cases.  

Importantly, this removes a minimum of two clicks from each user journey in the more challenge-rich instances of IdeaPlace and increases the speed with which users can get to the point of collaboration. 


OData Service UpdateFollowing a recent security scan, we have identified a recommendation to upgrade the Java libraries associated with the OData Service to prevent a potential vulnerability.  

TeamTap API – Following a recent security scan, we have identified and fixed a potential vulnerability that relates to the python API in the TeamTap feature.