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How to Add a Category from within a Challenge

Categories can be added through the Edit Challenge section inside a challenge.



It is not possible to change the display order of categories.



Follow these steps to add a category:

1. Access your selected challenge.


2. Click Edit Challenge or navigate to the challenge section from the Administration panel via Administration > General Settings > Edit Challenge.

3. If you don't see the Innovation Market page on the Navigation bar, add it via Administration > Site Editor



4. Navigate to the Innovation Market page.

5. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click New Category.


6. Complete the fields on the category creation page:

  • Top level should always be selected first.
  • Title is mandatory.
  • Description is mandatory but not strictly visible to end users.
  • Moderate Idea refers to placing all ideas into moderation before they are seen by the crowd.
  • By subscribing to a category you create, you will receive all email notifications for activities in that category such as: Posting ideas, comments, replies, reviews, blogs, and store auctions. View each available Email Notification, if needed. Additionally, you can link a user to the Post Idea page with a Category preselected..


Lower part of the Create Category page


7. Click the Add Category button and the new category will appear on the Innovation Market page:

AddedNewCategory (1).jpg