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Email Notification Categories

To help you manage your email notification settings, ProjectPlace has three email notification categories:

  • Action-required email notifications: Some email notifications are more important than others, so we've identified which ones you're generally expected to take action on when you receive a notification. Email notifications are on by default for this category, but you have the option to turn them off.
  • For your information email notifications: This category of events does not normally require you to take actions. By default, you will receive these email notifications only when you are @-referenced, but you have the option to turn all email notifications for this category on or off.
  • Uncategorized email notifications: All other events that trigger emails, but do not belong to either of the above categories.

When updating your email notification settings, use the list below as a reference for the events that trigger email notifications.

Action-Required Email Notifications

The following events belong to this category of notifications:

  • When someone assigns a Risk, Issue or a Card to you.
  • If a Card that your Card is dependent on is moved to the Done column so that you can now start working on your Card.
  • If it is time to start working on a card you are assigned to (planned start date is today)
  • If a Card, Issue or Risk that you are assigned to is due today
  • When someone wants you to Review a Document.
  • When a stage in a Document review you have initiated is finished (if you have not set it to automatically move to the next stage).
  • When a Document review you have initiated is completed.
  • If someone rejects their review in a Document review workflow.
  • Someone has requested a Card assignment from your Team.
  • A Card request assignment was rejected by the Team.
  • An Issue has been created (sent to workspace administrators only).
  • You have been sent a Meeting request.
  • Your Meeting request is overdue.
  • A Meeting you have been invited to has been updated.
  • A new request has arrived in the Request inbox (sent to account administrators and request administrators only).
  • A new request is forwarded to your workspace for approval (sent to workspace owner and workspace administrators only).
  • Your Account administrator has mandated department selection for one of your workspaces.
  • Your Workspace created based on a Workspace template is ready.

For Your Information Email Notifications

The following events belong to this category of notifications:

  • Someone changes the planned start date, due date, activity connection, block status or assignee(s) on a card that you are assigned to
  • If a Document review you had been asked to perform was terminated.
  • If you were removed as a participant from a Document review.
  • If someone has performed their Document review (but the stage or the review is not finished).
  • A stage in a Document review that you initiated is finished (and you have set it to automatically proceed to the next stage).
  • A stage in a Document review you are participating in has its due date changed.
  • You are mentioned in a comment.
  • Someone Likes a comment where you have been mentioned.
  • Someone makes a new comment on an artifact where you have previously been mentioned.
  • Someone edits a comment on an artifact where you have previously been mentioned.
  • A Roadmap Phase is connected to the Plan in your workspace (sent to workspace administrators only).
  • An Issue has been edited (sent to workspace administrators or other people that has been added to the Issue notification list).
  • Team has denied your request.
  • Registration reminders have been sent to invited user in your workspace or portfolio.


If you follow a Document that you have not created, the following events will trigger an email notification:

  • The Document is moved.
  • The Document is deleted.
  • A new version of the Document is added.
  • The Document is sent for review.
  • A review of the Document is finished.


If you follow a Card that you are not assigned to, the following events will trigger an email notification:

  • The Card is moved to another column.
  • The assignee of the Card is updated.
  • The Activity of the Card is updated.
  • The Card's block status is changed.
  • The Card is deleted.

Emails That Do Not Belong to a Category

There are some events that will trigger emails that do not belong to any of the above categories. The following events can trigger email notifications:

  • You are invited to participate in a workspace or made an Administrator of a workspace.
  • You have Document reviews, Risks, Issues, Cards, or Milestones that are due today.
  • An Excel data download you have requested is ready for downloading.
  • You are asked to fill in the workspace status report.
  • Daily or Weekly reports that you have enabled.
  • Information is sent based on active Automation rules
  • A new email address has been added to your user account by an Account administrator.
  • One of your Requests has been approved, rejected, or forwarded to a workspace.



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