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April 2020

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Account Administration

Customizable Workspace Values

To give workspace administrators and account administrators more flexibility when managing workspaces, we've made it possible to define custom values for workspaces:

  • Workspace Types – Define workspace types according to your organization's specific needs and nomenclature. Account administrators can create, add, and delete workspace types in the Account Administration tool. 

To learn more, visit Manage Workspaces in the Account.

Online Meetings

Updates to Zoom Instant Meetings

This month, we've made the following enhancements to Instant Meetings:

  • Removed the 40-minute time limit on meetings with more than two participants
  • Removed the Beta version labeling
  • Published a security statement related to our use of Zoom in Projectplace

To learn more, visit Use Projectplace with Zoom.


Import .CSV File to Plan

Users now have the option to import a .CSV file to the Plan tool, and the activities and milestones (including name, description, start date, and end date) will be added to your existing plan. The following data can be imported:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Dependencies
  • Board connection
  • Label

To learn more, visit Import a Plan.


Requests - Custom Fields

We've made few more enhancements to the Requests tool, so that custom field values are carried over to cards, activities, and workspaces from incoming requests.

  • When you create a card or an activity from a request, the label and values of any custom fields will be added to the description field of the card/activity.​

  • When you create a workspace from a request, the label and values of any custom fields will be added to the workspace description that is displayed in the workspace overview.

To learn more, visit Enable and Manage Workspace Requests.

Time Report

Card Information in Time Report Export

With this release, we've updated the information in the Time report export to include time reported on individual cards, in addition to activities.

To learn more, visit Report Time.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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