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Use ProjectPlace with Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with your team using ProjectPlace for Microsoft Teams. The ProjectPlace App for Microsoft Teams provides you with the ability to easily see and access work carried out in ProjectPlace from your channels in Microsoft Teams. With the ProjectPlace App for Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Connect a board to your channel conversations to get updates on work that is performed on the ProjectPlace boards
  • Quickly navigate directly to a specific card to get more details or perform actions on the board in ProjectPlace
  • Add the ProjectPlace service as a tab in a channel to have easy access to all your ongoing workspaces directly from Microsoft Teams

To use the ProjectPlace app for Microsoft Teams, this feature needs to be turned on in your ProjectPlace account by an Account Administrator of the ProjectPlace account.

Enable Microsoft Teams for the Account 

To allow ProjectPlace to send notifications to Microsoft Teams:

  1. Click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar and select Account Administration.
  2. On My Overview, click Settings and select the Third party software data access option.


  3. In the window that appears, click the toggle to the on position (if not already on).
  4. Check the Microsoft Teams notifications plugin option (if not already selected).
  5. Click Save.


To revoke access for any installed configurations of the ProjectPlace app for Microsoft Teams, uncheck the Enable Microsoft Teams notifications plugin setting.

Link ProjectPlace Boards to a Microsoft Teams Channel

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Teams home page and sign in to your account.

    link pp board 2a 2b.png

  2. Click the More Options iconmore options icon.png next to the channel you want to add a board to and select the Connectors option.


  3. Search for the ProjectPlace app and click the Add button.


  4. A popup window with information about the connector appears. Click the Add button.


  5. Give the configuration a unique name.
  6. Select one or more workspaces that you would like to add to the configuration.
  7. Select one or more boards for each workspace.
  8. Click Save to save your configuration. You can update the configuration to add or remove workspaces and/or boards at any time.
  9. A confirmation message is displayed in the Conversations area that the configuration was added to the Team channel.
  1. Only workspace administrators or owners can add boards to a Microsoft Teams channel.
  2. Only the person who created the configuration can see the details and make updates to that particular configuration. 
  3. More than one configuration can be added and be active in a Microsoft Teams channel at the same time.

Add a ProjectPlace Tab to a Microsoft Teams Channel

To have full access to the ProjectPlace service within Microsoft Teams, you can add a ProjectPlace tab to the top of your Microsoft Teams channel.


To add a ProjectPlace tab to a channel:

  1. To the right of your channel tabs, click the Add tab add tab icon.png icon.


  2. In the Add a tab window, click ProjectPlace.


  3. Click Save. The ProjectPlace service is now available in the ProjectPlace tab at the top of the channel.

About Notifications from Boards

Once a board has been linked to the Microsoft Teams channel, there will be a notification when any of these actions occur on the boards:

  • A card is created on the board
  • Someone is assigned to a card on the board
  • Someone comments on a card on the board
  • A card is moved to another column on the board

From the Conversations tab, you can click the Go to card button to navigate to the card in ProjectPlace:


Microsoft Teams is an external (or third-party) service provider and is not associated with ProjectPlace. We are offering the ProjectPlace - Microsoft Teams integration which only a ProjectPlace account owner can enable up for your Microsoft Teams account. You may also uninstall or remove the ProjectPlace connector for Microsoft Teams at any time. The Microsoft Teams application will serve as a data processor for all personal data you provide to the platform, and you will remain the data controller. ProjectPlace is not responsible for data shared between you and Microsoft Teams. Please review the Microsoft Teams website for additional information.