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Integrate ProjectPlace and Planview Portfolios




Planview Portfolios - ProjectPlace Connector workflow

The Planview Portfolios - ProjectPlace Connector synchronizes information between Planview Portfolios and ProjectPlace. This creates a collaborative work environment that supports both structured and non-structured work, as well as cross-organization collaboration. Highlights of the Connector include:

  • A real-time, event-based connection between Planview Portfolios and ProjectPlace.
  • Connecting Planview Portfolios templates and projects with ProjectPlace templates and workspaces for streamlined work creation. 
  • A bidirectional connection between ProjectPlace card and Planview Portfolios action item field attributes. 

Planview recommends seeking assistance and guidance from Planview Consulting to support the deployment of the connector. To learn more, see the Planview Portfolios and ProjectPlace Connector documentation.

Connect Portfolios Projects and ProjectPlace Workspaces

Users can create connected Planview Portfolios projects and ProjectPlace workspaces in either product as follows:

  • Set a work item in Planview Portfolios to synchronize with ProjectPlace, which creates a connected ProjectPlace workspace.
  • Set a workspace in ProjectPlace to synchronize with Planview Portfolios, which creates a connected Planview Portfolios project. This allows teams to initiate work within ProjectPlace and add that to a work portfolio in Planview Portfolios rather than waiting for a portfolio-level planner to send work items into ProjectPlace.

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