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Integrate ProjectPlace and Planview Portfolios

How does ProjectPlace integrate with Portfolios?

The Portfolios/ProjectPlace integration (also known as the "connector") facilitates the following data connections:

  • ProjectPlace activities with Planview Portfolios tasks
  • ProjectPlace cards with Planview Portfolios action items
  • Planview Portfolios resources with ProjectPlace users

Technical notes:

  1. The integration is mostly eventually consistent, some changes are instant, but most are reflected with a delay (usually under a minute). When syncing many Workspaces at the same time it may take longer.
  2. Activities (the plan) can be managed by either ProjectPlace or in Portfolios, but not simultaneously by both systems.
  3. ProjectPlace can only manage the plan if your organization leverages Planview Admin and runs a sufficiently updated version of the Portfolios software (at least May 2024 release).
  4. Cards are always managed by ProjectPlace, and any changes done to connected action items in Portfolios will be overwritten.

Planview recommends seeking assistance and guidance from Planview Consulting to support the deployment of the connector. To learn more, see the Planview Portfolios and ProjectPlace Connector documentation.

Different flavors of the connector

Version 1

Any customer who makes use of both ProjectPlace and Planview Portfolios can make use of this integration.

  • Plans can only be managed in Portfolios.
  • Supports connecting Workspaces and Workspace Templates with corresponding Portfolios Projects and Project Templates.
  • Connected plans will be locked for editing in ProjectPlace.
  • Cards are managed by ProjectPlace and are connected with ActionItems in Portfolios.
  • Events flow continuously between the two systems, achieving eventual consistency over time (usually under a minute for any given event).
  • Working day settings are always turned off in ProjectPlace (all days are counted as working days).

To learn more about the version 1 connector, see the Planview Portfolios and ProjectPlace Connector documentation.

Version 2

Inherits all of Version 1's features with the following modifications:

  • Plans can be managed in either ProjectPlace or in Planview Portfolios.
  • The plan will be locked for editing in the system that is not currently designated as managing the plan.
  • ProjectPlace can only manage plans in Workspaces (not in Workspace Templates).
  • Control of the plan can be switched between the two systems (although it is considered bad practice to continuously switch the controlling system).
  • When ProjectPlace manages the plan:
    • Events that affect the hierarchy are instantly reflected in Portfolios. For example creation/deletion/reordering/renaming of activities.
    • Events that affect dates are settled roughly 30 seconds after the last date change in the ProjectPlace plan. Changes are not communicated to Portfolios until at least 30 seconds have passed since the last date change occurred in ProjectPlace.
    • Portfolios progression runs (which typically run on a schedule on off hours) will manipulate dates in ProjectPlace even if ProjectPlace is set to manage the plan.
    • Working days are enforced to weekdays in ProjectPlace, which corresponds well with the typical STANDARD calendar in Portfolios. Other calendars may be used in Portfolios, but for now only the STANDARD calendar is officially supported (i.e., weekends are off, and work days run between 8 am to 5 pm).
  • When Portfolios manages the plan:
    • Everything behaves as in the version 1 integration.

Read more about the Version 2 Connector from ProjectPlace's perspective here.


The version 2 integration between ProjectPlace and Portfolios requires that your organization leverages Planview Admin and runs sufficiently updated Portfolios software (Earliest: May 2024).


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