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October 2018

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Account Administration

Account Administration Overview Enhancements

We’ve improved how account administrators can manage Projectplace accounts with access to performance-based information.  The enhanced Account Administration overview page provides a quick look at:

  • Overall account health
  • License usage and trends
  • Storage usage and trends
  • User trends
  • Workspace trends

We’ll continue to enhance the Account Administration overview page. One example that will be introduced soon, is the ability to set archiving rules where automatic schedules can be set to archive idle workspaces and users.

To learn more, visit Account Administration Overview


More Flexibility in Adding Cards

Before, cards could only be added to the first or left column of a board, but now a card can be added in any column of the board, adding more flexibility to when a card is introduced in the process.

We have also made it possible to add cards even if filter parameters are set so that no other cards are visible on the board.

To learn more, visit Work with Boards.


Documents Review Workflow

This month's update includes the ability to define multiple states in a review cycle and add participants to each stage of the review process. The review is completed in the sequence specified by the user.

Note: These new Document Review and Review Workflow enhancements will be available on November, 8, 2018.

Look for details about Document Reviews by visiting Review Documents on or after November 8, 2018.


Use an OTP App for Two-Step Verification

We are introducing another option for two-step verification for a user to choose from. In addition to the current two-step verification option (using a security code sent to the user's mobile phone through a text message (SMS)), users can now use a one-time password (OTP) authentication app to generate a security code for the two-step verification process.

To learn more, visit Set up Two-Step Verification.


Locking the Milestone Date 

Until now, it has been made possible to lock the dates of an activity, but not the date of a milestone.  This has been a limitation that users have asked us to remove and as of this update it is now possible to also lock milestone dates.

To learn more, visit Work with the Plan.

Workspace Administration

Download Workspace Data 

Introducing the ability to download data from Documents, the Plan, Boards, and Conversations in a workspace from one location instead of having to download information from each of these tools separately. Workspace managers now have an easy way of downloading information when a project or workspace is completed and needs to be archived or terminated.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace Settings.

Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app, visit the Apps download center to get either the iOS or Android mobile app today.

Report Time on a Card

With time reporting easily available to mobile users, it becomes easier to ensure that your team reports time on tasks they are working on, wherever they are, thereby making reported data up-to-date. The ability to report time on a card has been available for Andriod app users for some time and now this feature is also available for iOS app users.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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