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Planview Customer Success Center

January 2018

Email to Boards

Now, it's even easier to add cards to boards directly from your email inbox.  You can enable boards to accept new cards from your email. Simply email the board's address and a card will be created from the content of your email.

To learn more about working with boards, visit Customize a Board to fit your way of working.

Card Blockers

If there is an issue preventing work from being completed, you can now mark the card as blocked.  Card blockers enable anyone viewing a board to identify and potentially correct any bottlenecks currently halting progress to complete the task.

Learn more about cards by visiting Work with a card

iOS Update and Other Enhancements

Over the last month, a number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.  One example of these enhancements is iOS users can now comment on reviews in the mobile app.



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