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May 2020

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Account Administration

Customizable Workspace Statuses

To give workspace administrators and account administrators more flexibility when managing workspaces, we've made it possible to define multiple workspace statuses according to your organization's specific needs and nomenclature. Account administrators can create, add, and delete workspaces statuses in the Account Administration tool.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspaces in the Account.

User Join Date Filter

We've added a new Joined on filter to the People tab in the Account Administration tool:

  • Account administrators can filter account members (both internal and external) based on the date they joined the account.​

  • Selecting a date range displays all the members who joined the account within the specified date range.

  • The list view includes a Joined on column that lists each user's join date. Account administrators can sort the list view by join date.

To learn more, visit Manage Your User Account and Settings.


Board Chart Updates

We've made a few updates to the board charts:

  • Added two date selection options to the burnup chart (a pre-selected period of 7, 30, and 90 days, and a custom date range​)

  • Removed the activity bar from all board charts as it did not provide any information connected to the board charts​

  • Removed the filter options from all board charts as they currently do not apply to the information in the charts

To learn more, visit Follow up on Work Progress.

Tags on Cards

In addition to creating document tags, users can now create tags on cards! Users will now be able to see colored card tags directly on their boards, and filter cards displayed on a board by tag. Workspace members can also create, edit, merge, and delete tags in the Tags section in Workspace Administration.

To learn more, visit Work with Cards.


Optimize Plan Dependencies

To help you plan your work more efficiently, we're introducing an Optimize function for the Plan tool​. When working with activities, users may move an activity with dependent activities back in time, creating a time gap between the main activity and the dependent activities. The Optimize function allows users to select a starting point in a dependency chain, so that when arranging activities, the lead time between dependent activities and milestones is removed.

To learn more, visit Work with Dependencies.


New Meetings Tool

We've overhauled the Meetings tool to integrate with Zoom and improve your experience with meetings:

  • The Meetings tab now contains a new calendar view where users can see their meetings on a daily, weekly and monthly timeline.​

  • Meetings can be scheduled with Projectplace and non-Projectplace users.

  • Online meetings are integrated with Zoom, and will have video, screen sharing and recording capabilities.

  • A private meeting option is available.

  • Workspace Overview and My Overview display your upcoming meetings in a widget.

To learn more, visit Work with Meetings.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center

Card Tags

Full functionality of the card tags feature (ability to add a tag, see the tag on the card and filter on tags) is also available in the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Instant Zoom Meetings

Users can now start an Instant Zoom meeting from the Android and iOS mobile apps.

More Attachment Types

In the iOS mobile app, more attachment types (including Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive files) are now available for conversations and comments. Previously, it was only possible to attach documents directly from the device, or from the Projectplace document repository.

Other Enhancements

Projectplace Knowledge Center

To make it easier for you to get help working with Projectplace, we've added a Knowledge Center to the top navigation bar. ​Here's what you'll see in the Knowledge Center:

  • Links to support, help articles, and guided walkthroughs on how to get started using Projectplace

  • Links to register for previous and upcoming webinars

  • Information on the latest monthly feature announcements

User Calendar Settings

To fit your way of working, users can now choose how weeks are displayed in calendar views and date pickers. The options include:

  • ISO 8601 (week starts on Monday, European week numbering). This is the default setting in Projectplace.

  • US format (week starts on Sunday, US week numbering).

To learn more, visit Manage Your User Account and Settings.

Workspace Administration Navigation

With this month's release, we've completed the first phase of a visual overhaul of the Workspace Administration tool. In this release, the navigation has been updated so that workspace settings are accessed from a dropdown menu in the top navigation, and each setting is on a separate page.

To learn more, visit Workspace Setup and Administration.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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