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March 2021

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New Issues Tool

For Project Managers, we’re introducing new and improved support for registering and tracking risks and issues. The new Issues tool includes:

  • Separate list view within a workspace to view, filter, and work with risks and issues​
  • Assignments and notifications available for management of risks and issues​
  • The Issues and Risks dashboard on the Workspace Overview screen gives users a quick overview of current risks and issues​

Workspaces using the old Issues will be migrated over to the new function (tentatively April 2021)​.

Please note that users on old browsers (Internet Explorer or legacy Edge) may experience problems while trying to use the new Issues tool.

To learn more, visit Work with Issues and Risks.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center

Workspace Overview (iOS)

The iOS app now includes a Workspace Overview tab, where you can view your recently accessed workspaces, boards, and documents.

User Settings (iOS)

We've added a new User Settings option with some new user settings in the latest version of the iOS mobile app:​

  • Add a new avatar image by clicking on your current avatar - use the camera or pick an image from the library on your phone
  • See App version number

Other Enhancements

Export Enhancements

We have made a number of small enhancements to the export capabilities for Boards and the Plan tool:​

  • The board export file now contains the attachments from comments (previously only available when downloading the Plan)​
  • Board downloads will now work the same way as downloading a Plan (the user will be notified when it is ready and they will be notified with a link to the prepared download​)
  • The PDF that is created for the Print Plan option now includes the name of the Workspace Owner​
  • The board export file now includes Planned and Actual start dates, as well as the Actual finish date
  • The creation date attribute now only contains the date, not the entire time stamp for the creation

Internet Explorer Deprecation 

We will completely stop support for Internet Explorer as of March 31, 2021​ and we will no longer be considering fixing any issues from users related to Internet Explorer 11. Learn more here.

Search Enhancements

Continuing our enhancements to the search functionality in Projectplace, it's now possible to search for a conversation post in the global search tool. If desired, users can narrow the filter to post title and/or comments on the post.

To learn more, visit Using Search.

Sunset of Contacts and Issues Tools

  • Contacts (available from within the Members tool in a Workspace) will be discontinued end of March 2021. Data will be exported into an Excel sheet and placed in the Documents tool in a folder that will be given the same access rights as was defined for the Contacts tool. ​

  • Preparations for migration of the old Issues tool is ongoing and migration will tentatively be performed in April 2021. Communication to owners of workspaces currently using Issues will be performed ahead of the migration.

User Registration Improvements

To improve the user experience around registration, we've made the following enhancements:

  • When two accounts have the same enforced email domain defined (e.g. and just-in-time provisioning enabled, the user is now presented with the option to choose which account they should belong to.
  • Account Administrators can choose to display additional explanatory text when the user is presented with the option to choose their account, so that it is easier for the user to choose the correct account.

To learn more, visit Account Administration Overview.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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