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July 2019

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Plan Enhancements

Tab Within Fields in the Plan Work Breakdown Structure

To work more efficiently with keyboards in the Plan tool, we’ve made it possible to use the tab key to navigate through all the fields on the Plan WBS.

Requests Enhancements

Multiple Request Forms

To help you capture requests for projects from people outside of your team, we’ve made some enhancements to our Requests functionality:

  • Users can now create multiple request forms
  • Each request form can be individually turned on and off
  • Users can assign request forms to departments
  • Request forms can be created in different languages

To learn more, visit Enable and Manage Workspace Requests.

Create Cards and Activities from Requests

Previously, requests could only be converted into new workspaces; now users have the option to create a card or activity from an incoming request. For example, a user can forward a request to a team, then the head administrator of the workspace can convert the request to a card on a board or an activity.

Delete Requests

Users now have the ability to delete previously approved or rejected requests from their inbox in order to better manage incoming requests.





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