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This section covers ProjectPlace Excel time reports, Workspace reports and Charts, and Power BI reports.  


Webinar - Track progress with ProjectPlace reporting and Power BI

The following link will take you to a webinar that contains a walkthrough of different ways of how you can track the progress with ProjectPlace and PowerBI. Below you can find some of the topics covered in the webinar.

Power BI

Use the ProjectPlace for MS Power BI integration to extract and visualize your ProjectPlace data directly in Microsoft Power BI. View key statistics, find out who your most active and productive team members are, and identify at-risk cards and activities across your workspaces.Plan tool

If you need to create a customized report in the Plan tool or need to store snapshots of your plan to enable comparisons over time (since we don’t have baseline capability).

Portfolios tool

If you are a portfolio owner and want to get reports on a regular basis and/or provide KPIs that you want the workspace manager to report on on a regular basis.

You can follow the progress of the workspace by viewing the portfolio overview and also export a portfolio report. The portfolio can also be shared with other stakeholders

Reports in a workspace

Workspace administrators can use workspace reports to monitor and share progress of their projects with internal and external stakeholders. Widgets on the Reports page are fully customizable, so you can control how reports look for specific project workspaces.

Reports widget.png

Example report