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June 2019

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Introducing Card Templates

We are excited to introduce card templates this month. Card templates make it quick and easy to create frequently recurring cards which have requirements for standard information. You can now define a template card with predefined parameters, such as the card’s description, label, due date, attachments and checklist items.

To learn more, visit Create a Card Template.


Upload Documents from OneDrive

Users now have the option to upload a document to ProjectPlace directly from OneDrive. Previously, if users wanted to upload OneDrive documents into ProjectPlace, they needed to download the documents to their hard drive and upload them to ProjectPlace. At this time, it is only possible to link to documents in other third-party repositories (Google Drive, Dropbox and Box) from the Documents upload dialog.


Introducing a ProjectPlace App for Microsoft Teams

Use the new ProjectPlace Connector for Microsoft Teams to connect your ProjectPlace boards to your Microsoft Teams conversation channels, so your entire team is kept up-to-date on what is happening on your boards. When someone creates a card, assigns a card, changes a card’s status, or comments on a card, a notification is sent to the Microsoft Teams channel. A user with a ProjectPlace account can click to go directly to that card in ProjectPlace to get more information.

To learn more, visit Use ProjectPlace with Microsoft Teams.


Plan Tool Improvements

We’ve made some visual updates and general improvements to the toolbar and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) sections of the Plan tool:

  • The Add milestone option is now available in the toolbar and when adding sublevels in the WBS
  • New Go to today button in the toolbar
  • Improved error messaging when a user tries to drag and drop activities into the wrong place
  • Expand and collapse the hierarchical list of activities and milestones with one click
  • Collapse the entire WBS section
  • Resize the column widths in the WBS section

To learn more, visit Work with the Plan.


OData for Workspace Managers Updates

We’ve added data to the OData set for workspace managers so that you can build even more complete reports for your workspaces. The data set includes a new workspace table with information about the workspace (e.g. workspace description, status and more), and a table with information about co-assignees for cards.

To learn more, visit Visualize Your ProjectPlace Data Using Power BI.

Other Enhancements

New ProjectPlace Ideas Portal

To improve the way we work with user feedback, the ProjectPlace Ideas portal is now based on the Planview Spigit platform. By moving to the Spigit platform, we hope to be able to get a better way of identifying the most valuable ideas to put into our roadmap. To access the Ideas portal, select the Feedback option from the Settings menu.

If you've submitted feedback in the past, note that we've migrated the most voted-for ideas, as well as all ideas from this year, to the new portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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