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July 2016

Current Release

  • Project Requests

Project requests

The July 2016 release of ProjectPlace brings a first installment of the new Project Requests tool. Enterprise customers can easily gather and manage the intake of project requests. The main benefits are:

  • This is an easy way to capture requests and ideas from within and outside the organization.
  • Get control of which requests are authorized and made into projects.

Organizations can now offer external requestors as well as internal stakeholders the ability to send in requests for new projects to be added in ProjectPlace. Administrators evaluate these requests and inform the requestor whether the request has been approved and turned into a ProjectPlace project.

The Request tool features:

  • A configurable request form that can be used to get the information needed for project ideas and requests
  • The ability to provide request form access to internal and external parties without a ProjectPlace account
  • An interface for administrators to evaluate, approve and reject project requests based on the input provided
  • Upon approval, a new project is automatically created in ProjectPlace.

The Request tool is available for administrators under the Project office.

We are making ProjectPlace even better! Big changes and enhancements are on the horizon for ProjectPlace. Soon to arrive in the upcoming releases:

• Closer connection between activities and cards to provide even better ways to plan and work

• New, intuitive and modern look & feel making it easy to find your way around in the product

• Usability enhancements that increase team engagement and productivity

More information to follow via email and in ProjectPlace later. Stay tuned!


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