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Manage Account Rules

Account administrators can use the Automation tab to manage automatic rules for people and workspaces. Rules are created from templates​, and account administrators can create multiple rules which may be active at the same time.

Access Account Automation

access account automation.png

  1. Click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar and select Account administration.
  2. Click the Automation tab to see a list of account rules.

Use the icons in the menu bar to toggle between the Templates and Rules views. The Templates view displays the available rule templates, which you can click on to create a rule. The Rules view displays a list of all rules for the workspace, with the option to create a new rule using the Add rule button.


rules templates views gif.gif

Create Account Rules

To create an account rule:

  1. Take one of the following actions to begin the rule creation process:
    • From the Templates view, click the template you want to base the new rule on.

      template view create rule.png

    • From the Rules view, click the Add rule button. In the window that appears, select the template you want to base the new rule on and click Next.

      add rule rule view.png

      add rule click next.png

  2. In the Add Rule window, use the dropdown menus to create the desired rule.
  3. Click Confirm.

    dropdown menus confirm.png

  4. In the detail pane, give your rule a name and description.
  5. To make the rule active, click the Activate toggle to switch it to the on position.

    rule details and activate.png

Edit Account Rules

To edit an account rule:

  1. Click the rule you want to edit to open its detail pane.
  2. In the detail pane, click Edit rule.

    edit account rule 1 2.png

  3. In the Edit rule window, make the desired changes to the rule.
  4. Click Confirm to save your changes.

    edit account rule 3 4.png

Delete Account Rules

To delete an account rule:

delete account rule.png

  1. Click the rule you want to delete to open its detail pane.
  2. In the detail pane, click the More menu icon More or Options Menu Icon.png and select the Delete option.


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