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November 2019

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Breadcrumbs Enhancements

Based on your ProjectPlace Ideas feedback, the toolbar breadcrumbs in the Documents tool reflect the entire file path and folder names, regardless of their length. Previously, file paths and folders with longer names were truncated.

To learn more about working with documents, visit Work with Documents and Folders.


ProjectPlace Tab for Microsoft Teams

To make it easier for you to work with ProjectPlace and Microsoft Teams, it's now possible to add a ProjectPlace tab to the top of your Microsoft Teams channel, giving you full access to the ProjectPlace service from within Microsoft Teams.

To learn more, visit Use ProjectPlace with MS Teams.

Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app, visit the  ProjectPlace Download Center to get either the iOS or Android mobile app today.

Time Reporting on Mobile Apps

We’ve added a specific time report view to make reporting time on mobile apps easier:

  • Select a date range in the toolbar at the top of the app.
  • Previous reported time within the selected date range is listed in the Reported section. You can add additional reported time on artifacts in this section.
  • Cards and activities that you have interacted with during the specified date range are listed in the Worked on section.
  • Search for cards or activities not shown in the automatically populated lists.

To learn more, visit Report Time.


Requests Enhancements

Continuing the series of enhancements we've been making to the Requests feature, this month's release includes the following enhancements:

  • Ability to add attachments when submitting a request. If the request is converted into a workspace, activity, or card, any attachments submitted with the request are carried over.
  • A new date field while creating a request form.

To learn more, visit Enable and Manage Workspace Requests.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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