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Export Reported Time to Excel

Workspace administrators can export all of the reported time during a given time period from various workspaces to a Microsoft Excel file. Click the following link for information on how to use the time reporting tool in ProjectPlace

To export the reported time:

  1. Click the tool selector tool selector new nav.png in the top navigation bar, and select the Time reporting tool.
  2. Click the settings icon Settings Icon.png at the top right corner of the window and select Export to Excel.

    Export Reported Time 2.png

  3. A new window appears. Select the workspace (or project) you want to report time from. You can also select All workspaces to perform a bulk export.

    Export Report Time 3.png

  4. Select a time period for which you want the reported time to be exported.

    Export Reported Time 4.png

  5. Click Export to generate the Microsoft Excel file with the reported time.