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September 2022

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September 7, 2022

There are no feature updates in this week's deployment.

September 14, 2022

Copy a Board to a Workspace template 

Copying a board is useful if you use the same workflow on different boards, minimizing the time to customize each board. In June, we added the ability to copy a board to other workspaces you are a member of. Now, we are adding an option where workspace template administrators can copy the board to any of their workspace templates.

copy to a workspace template.png

September 21, 2022

Add Card dependencies across Workspaces

Card dependencies help capture the dependencies between two pieces of work that are related or dependent on each other. Given how projects work, this is quite helpful to link cards together within a workspace. But in large organizations, some projects have work that overlaps across workspaces, and in such scenarios, connecting cards that reside on boards of different workspaces is necessary. Therefore we have now also added the possibility to add dependencies across different workspaces that you are a member of. 

Card dependency cross workspace.png

For more information, visit Work with Cards.

September 28, 2022

Changes to the Projectplace brand

New logo and name.png
As Planview moves to a connected platform of solutions, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate, find, and understand the breadth of our portfolio—and how Planview’s solutions and capabilities can support your most strategic initiatives. In doing so, we’re moving to a more descriptive naming structure aligned with our strategy of building a connected solutions platform.
As part of this initiative, Projectplace will still keep its name but with the slight change of the second P in the name to a capital P. In addition to the name change, we have also updated the product logo.
In addition, we have also updated the color scheme within our service, emails, etc., to be consistent across all products.

Copy over custom fields while copying a board

We have made an additional update to the feature Copy board. While copying a board from one workspace to another, we are now providing you with the choice to also copy over custom fields. If you choose to copy over custom fields to another workspace then you also need to decide what should happen if the custom fields that are copied over happen to have the same name as custom fields in the destination workspace. Once the copying of the board is done, the new custom fields will be available in Custom fields under the Administration tab in the other workspace and on the cards in the copied board. 

For more information, visit Copy a Board in the Same or Another Workspace

Copy custom fields.png

Swim Lanes on Boards in the iOS app and other updates

With the increased usage of Boards in ProjectPlace, and with more customers having boards with a large number of cards, users accessing their boards via the mobile apps might find it challenging to identify the right cards without using the filters or some mechanism to group them. We have made it possible for users to see and group cards by the same swim lane options in the iOs app as in the service. Swimlanes are already available for the Android app. 

Additionally, you can now also select several cards at the same time and drag and drop them to other columns or swimlanes. This is available in the iOS app. 

Finally, if you work with an iPad and use split views you can drag and drop an email into boards to create a card.

Swimlane iOS.jpg