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September 2020

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Account Administration

Account Security Enhancements

  • It's now possible to set a maximum number of failed login attempts for an account. This setting is applied to both internal and external members. After the allowed number of failed attempts are exceeded, the user account will be locked and they will have to reach out reset their password before they can login again.​
  • Session timeout for when a user logs out due to inactivity can now be set to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This setting option is only available when the 'keep me logged in' option is disabled for the account.​
  • It's now possible to disable concurrent logins for an account. This will prevent all internal and external users from logging into Projectplace from two different browsers using the same user account at the same time.​

To enable these security enhancements for your account, contact Projectplace Support.


Online Meetings Default Option

The This will be an online meeting option is enabled by default when a member creates a new scheduled meeting. (This update will only affect accounts with the Zoom integration enabled.)

To learn more, visit Work with Meetings.

Team Overview

Team Overview Workspace Connections

We are in the process of overhauling the experience of working with the Team Overview. ​This month's updates include:​

  • All users that are part of a Team will be added to all connected workspaces.​
  • When a user is invited to become a new Team member, they will automatically be added to all workspaces connected to the Team.​
  • If a user is removed from the Team they are automatically removed from all connected workspaces, unless the user is also a member of another member group in the workspace, or if they are an administrator of the workspace.​
  • It will not be possible to remove an individual user from a workspace if they are part of a connected Team.​
  • The Team assignments list in the Team Overview will only display assignments from workspaces that the Team is connected to. ​

To learn more, visit Work with Teams.

Workspace Administration

Custom Working Days

Workspace administrators are now able to define working days for their workspaces​:

  • The selection of working days will reflect in the Plan tool where the duration of the activities will be recalculated.​
  • The workspace administrator can also add custom days that will also be taken into consideration​.
  • Non-working days will be excluded from the duration of an activity.

While finishing up work around this feature, we have temporarily removed the Optimize Plan button from the Plan tool. The button will return when it has been updated to take working days into account.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace Settings.

Other Enhancements

Actions on Notifications

To make it easier and more efficient to work with notifications, we are adding actions that can be taken on individual notifications.​

  • Members will now be able to decide when they want to deal with a notification by setting a reminder on a notification for a future time/date. The notification will reappear on the top of the notification list on the set time/date.​

  • Members will be able to organize important notifications that they want to work with by marking them as important. 

  • Members can better manage the clutter in the notification tray by marking individual notifications read/unread and removing individual notifications from the list.​

  • Members can also filter notifications by important, unread, and reminders​.

To learn more, visit Find Your Way Around Projectplace.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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