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October 2017

Custom Fields on Activities

Workspace administrators can now add custom fields to an activity in the Plan tool. Users can define additional project parameters such as remaining time or risk level with custom fields on a plan's activities. Previously, users could add custom fields to cards and now users can add the same custom fields on activities. To learn more about custom fields in activities, visit Manage custom fields.

Microsoft Outlook Integration 

Use the ProjectPlace app in Outlook to create cards from an email conversation. When team members not on ProjectPlace work with team members who are, much of the communication happens through an email making it more difficult for ProjectPlace workspace members to collaborate. The Outlook ProjectPlace app converts an email conversation into a ProjectPlace card, providing a simple integration into ProjectPlace. The ProjectPlace app in Outlook is available from your desktop app or web browser. For more information about the ProjectPlace app in Outlook, see Working with the ProjectPlace app in Microsoft Outlook.

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