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June 2020

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Account Administration

Account Automation

We've made the following enhancements to the automation rules in Account Administration:

  • Account administrators can add a custom notification message to the notification that is sent to a person if they have not logged in to ProjectPlace for a specified time period.​

  • Account administrators have the option to send the reminder notification just once, or choose a frequency at which the reminder is sent to the user until they log in to ProjectPlace.

  • We have also added another automation rule that allows the user to automatically send the workspace and people reports (excel download) to designated recipients on set intervals via email.

To learn more, visit Manage Account Rules.


Print a Board

Now you can print a PDF version of a board! Note that board PDFs are created based on what is visible on the board (for example, collapsed columns or swimlanes will stay collapsed in the printout.)

To learn more, visit Work with Boards.


Document Tags

We've updated the Tags section in the document's detail pane to use the same color-coded tags as cards.

To learn more, visit Work with Document Tags.


Enterprise One - ProjectPlace Integration

Replacing our prior integration, we've started to roll out the new Enterprise One – ProjectPlace integration based on our Integration Hub. Here's what you need to know:

  • The new integration is event-based for real time updates and has greatly enhanced stability, reliability and performance​.

  • The integration gives users the ability to connect templates between Enterprise One and ProjectPlace. Connected templates will allow for streamlined project creation and card/task associations​.

  • We are also introducing bi-directional field attributes between ProjectPlace cards and Enterprise One action items​.

  • The WBS is configured in Enterprise One for the first phase​ of the integration.

If you would like to upgrade your existing integration, please reach out to your Planview customer representative​.


Instant and Scheduled Meetings Updates

Continuing our enhancements to the Meetings tool, it's now possible to schedule recurring meetings. Like one-time meetings, recurring meetings have the option to meet online via Zoom.

We've also made it possible to add an email address directly to the invitee list while starting a new instant Zoom meeting from the global application menu.

To learn more, visit Work with Meetings.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the ProjectPlace Download Center

Time Reporting Redirect

For Android & iOS, Team Member+ users will be redirected to Enterprise One or PPM Pro timesheets when they select the Report Time option.

Instant Zoom Meetings

Users can now start an Instant Zoom meeting from the Android & iOS mobile app when this option is available in the service.

Workspace Administration

Workspace Automation

In this release, we've added new workspace automation rules to the Workspace Administration menu. Using the new rules, workspace administrators can:

  • Automatically create a card from a card template and assign it to a member when they join a workspace, to e.g. aid with onboarding processes.​

  • Automatically create recurring tasks by creating a card from a card template on a pre-defined recurrence​, such as daily or weekly, and automatically associate the card to an activity if desired.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace Settings.

Other Enhancements

New Global Navigation

We have updated the global navigation for ProjectPlace to make it fully responsive for mobile devices and compliant with our design guidelines​. Here's a quick summary of the changes:

  • Navigate to My Overview by clicking on the ProjectPlace logo

  • The tool selector has moved to the left hand side of the navigation and will be defaulted to My Overview when a user logs in​

  • The Workspaces dropdown is visible when Workspaces has been selected from the tool selector​

  • Ability to create a new workspace from the workspace dropdown list​

  • Option to start a Zoom meeting has been moved to the tool selector

  • Option to limit search area (e.g. Plan, Boards, Documents) has been moved to the top of the search results list​

To learn more, visit Navigating ProjectPlace.

ProjectPlace Knowledge Center

Need help? Now you can click on the ProjectPlace Knowledge Center in the top navigation to quickly search all articles in the Customer Success Center directly from ProjectPlace.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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