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April 2018

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Moving Cards to other Boards and Workspaces

Until now, cards could only be moved to other boards in the same workspace. We've responded to your feedback and this month's product release enables users the to move cards to boards in other workspaces in the same account. You can move one card or several cards simultaneously. 

To learn more, visit Work with a card.

Enhanced Recycle Bin - Restore and Delete

Have you ever accidently deleted a card you didn't intend to delete? Users now have more control and the opportunity to restore deleted cards from the Recycle bin before they are permanently deleted. Navigate to the Recycle bin in your workspace to see a list of deleted cards and documents. You can restore items from the Recycle bin to their original location, or, if you are an administrator, you can permanently delete any of the items listed.

To learn more about the Recycle bin, visit Restore or delete items from the recycle bin.

Remembering Board Filter Settings

We recently introduced the ability to filter cards on a board based on a number of criteria. We have received a lot of positive feedback on this feature, but we also heard that you would want the filter settings to be remembered when you leave the board and then come back to it. With this release, your browser will remember your board filter settings.


Learn more about Roadmaps. Visit Work with the Roadmap.

Workspace connection to Roadmaps

The release this month offers users the ability to connect a phase in the Roadmap to a workspace for execution of that roadmap item. Users can define or breakdown the work in a Roadmap phase by connecting the phase to workspace boards where activities are created and cards are assigned to team members facilitating work progress.  When work progress is made on the connected phase, work progress is relayed and reflected to the Roadmap workspace so that progress is accounted for in the Roadmap.


To learn about these new features, visit Work with the plan.

Undo the latest date change in the Plan

Many users have told us that it can be easy to enter the wrong date, or accidently move an activity when in the Plan tool, which may have a big impact on other dependent activities and milestones. This product release includes the ability for users to undo an activity or milestone date change. If a date was changed incorrectly, just use the undo feature to move all activities or milestones back to where they were before. The undo functionality will only work for the last or most recent change made.

Duplicate Plan Activities and Milestones

Another exciting update in the Plan this month enables users to duplicate activities and milestones. If the duplicated activity is a parent activity, all child activities and milestones within the parent activity hierarchy are also duplicated. Many of the milestone attributes remain the same when duplicated and if the activity has cards connected to it, the cards will also be duplicated to the new activity.


Learn more by visiting Work with portfolios.

Moving and viewing columns in the Portfolio view

Portfolio users have the ability to reorganize and adapt the Portfolio view for greater flexibility.  You can now hide columns or move them with drag and drop functionality within the Portfolio view.  Now, users can show Portfolio stakeholders a view that highlights important information or hides information not suitable for all stakeholders. 

Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app, visit the Apps download center to get either the iOS or Android mobile app today.

iOS App


The iOS app now provides the ability to filter boards. You can filter the Board by activity, label, or assignee giving you fewer cards in the view and providing easier access to important or prioritized cards.


The Document tool has also been enhanced in the iOS app. Documents can now be attached from the Document repository to Cards, Comments, and Conversations.


Additionally, select or change activities on a card when you are one the go.  When you create a card, for example, you can link the card to an activity directly in the iOS app so that the card is properly placed on the board.

iOS and Android Apps

Blocked Cards

Finally, for both the iOS and Android apps, you can now see the blocked card icon and the reason the card is blocked on the card.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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