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Work with Meetings

The Meetings tool enables workspace members to host meetings with team members and other people outside your organization, and schedule meetings in the context of their ongoing work and projects. Scheduled meetings can be held in person, or virtually with Zoom.

meetings tool overview.png

  1. Create a new in-person or virtual meeting.
  2. Use the arrows to browse future and past meetings in the timeline.
  3. Select the period of time you want to display in the calendar view.
  4. Go to today's date in the calendar view.
  5. Click on the calendar dropdown to switch to a daily, weekly or a monthly view.
  6. Click the More options Options Menu Icon.png menu and select the Show declined meetings option to display meeting invitations you have declined in the calendar view.
  7. Meetings are displayed as blocks of time in a calendar view. In-person meetings have a yellow highlight, while virtual meetings have no highlight:

    in person vs online meeting highlight.png

    Click on a meeting to open the detail pane. Here, meeting participants can view meeting details and respond to a meeting invitation, comment and add attachments on comments, and meeting hosts can edit the meeting details or cancel the meeting

Workspace administrators must enable the Meetings tool to make it available for workspace members. Learn more about activating workspace tools

Don't want to schedule a meeting? Start an instant Zoom meeting by clicking Start Zoom meeting in the top navigation. Learn more about starting instant meetings.

Create a Workspace Meeting

To create a workspace meeting:

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of and click the Meetings tab.
  2. In the top left corner of the tool, click Create new meeting.
  3. In the Schedule a meeting window:
    1. Enter a meeting title.
    2. Select the date and time you want the meeting to occur, or click the Recurring meeting checkbox and select from the following options:
      • Choose to repeat either monthly or weekly.
      • Select a Start date and End date.
      • Chose how often to repeat in the Repeat every drop-down.
      • Select a Start time and End time
      • Choose which day of the week or month to repeat on.
    3. Add participants: Type and/or select the groups, people, and external email addresses you want to invite to the meeting.
    4. Add a short description so participants know the meeting topic and/or agenda.
    5. The This will be an online meeting option is selected by default. A Zoom meeting link will be attached to the meeting invitation and the meeting details. If you would like the meeting to be in-person rather than virtual, deselect this option.
    6. Select the Only those invited can see the meeting option if you want to hide the meeting from all non-participants in the workspace.
  4. Click Create meeting. A meeting invitation is sent to the participants via email, and participants will also receive a notification in the service.

    create a workspace meeting 3 4.png

You can also create a meeting from the workspace overview by clicking on the Create new meeting option in the meeting widget.

Only account members have the ability to host or start a meeting. External members or non-account members can only join an existing meeting.

Respond to a Meeting Invitation

Meetings you have not yet responded to are shaded gray (rather than green) in the calendar view.

To respond to a meeting you have been invited to:

respond to a meeting 123.png

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of and click the Meetings tab.
  2. Click on the meeting to open the detail pane.
  3. In the detail pane, click AcceptTentative, or Decline. Your response will be forwarded to the host of the meeting.

Start or Join a Scheduled Online Meeting

For scheduled meetings that have the This will be an online meeting option enabled, all participants will receive a link to the online Zoom meeting and call-in number if they wish to use their phone for audio.

To start or join an online meeting:

  1. Click on the meeting to open the detail pane.
  2. In the detail pane, click Accept, Tentative, or Decline. Your response will be forwarded to the host of the meeting.
  3. If you are the meeting host, click the Start meeting button to start the online meeting.

    start meeting 3.png

  4. If you are a meeting participant, click the Join meeting button to join the online meeting.

    join meeting 4.png

The first time you start or join an online meeting, the browser will prompt you to download the Zoom client. This is a one-time action after which all the meetings will start without having to download the client.

Start the meeting at least 15 minutes in advance to make sure everything is working properly, and to have time to distribute necessary information to meeting participants.

Edit a Meeting

To edit a meeting:

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of and click the Meetings tab.
  2. Click on the meeting to open the detail pane.
  3. In the detail pane, click Edit meeting. If the meeting is a recurring meeting, choose one of the following options from the dropdown:
    1. Edit this meeting: Edit the details of the selected meeting.
    2. Edit meeting series: Edit the details for all meetings in the series.

      edit a meeting july 2020.png

  4. In the Edit meeting window, make the desired changes to the details of the meeting.
  5. Click Done. An updated invitation is sent to all participants.

    edit meeting 4 5.png

Cancel a Workspace Meeting

If you are the meeting host, you can cancel a workspace meeting.

To cancel a meeting:

cancel a meeting 123.png

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of and click the Meetings tab.
  2. Click on the meeting you want to cancel.
  3. In the detail pane, click the More options Options Menu Icon.png menu and select Cancel this meeting.

Online Meetings Features

  • The maximum number of participants allowed in a Zoom meeting is 300 participants at any given point.
  • A video call option where participants use their webcam to share video is available to all meeting participants.
  • A voice call option is available to all participants, via the VoIP option or the provided dial-in numbers in the meeting invitation.
  • All participants have a screen sharing option; however, only one participant can share their screen at a time. 
  • While screen sharing, participants may also share a whiteboard that allows other meeting participants to collaborate and ideate.
  • Chat functionality allows participants to chat with everyone in the meeting or to specific individuals.
  • The host of the meeting has the option to record a meeting. The meeting recording is stored locally on the host's computer.
  • Every online meeting is password protected. This allows only participants with the meeting invitation (direct meeting link) to join the meeting with just one click. Anyone trying to join the meeting using the meeting ID will have to provide the password that is included in the invitation.
  • Meeting hosts can enable a waiting room to manually let every participant in the meeting, ensuring only authorized people can access the meeting.
  • Once the meeting starts, the host can lock the meeting room so that no unauthorized participants can join the meeting.

Online Meetings Security

There are many ways to ensure that online meetings are secured and non-participants cannot access meetings:

Click here to know more about online/Zoom meeting security measures.

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