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March 2020

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Account Administration

New Workspace and People Rules

We've added three new rules to the Automation tab in Account Administration to help you manage people and workspaces:

  • Add new users to a defined set of workspaces if they belong to a specific department

  • Notify members themselves or specific users via email when members who e.g. belong to a specific department are inactive for 90, 120, or 180 days

  • Add new workspaces to a specific portfolio if the workspace belongs to a specific department

There can be multiple rules active at a time. To learn more, visit Manage Account Rules.


Email Conversations with External Card Creators

Anyone (whether or not they have a ProjectPlace user account) can use the Email to board function to create a card on a board they do not have access to. Previously, there was no easy way for card creators to send additional information to the team working on the card, or for the team to communicate back to the card creator. To facilitate this communication, we've introduced the following updates:

  • The card creator will receive an email confirmation that their email has been received, and they can add or request more information by replying to the email.
  • ProjectPlace users can select a Send to external card creator option when commenting on a card, and their comment will be sent via email to the card creator. The external card creator can then respond back to the team by replying to the email.
  • All email responses from external card creators will be displayed in the comment section on the card​.

To learn more, visit Customize a Board to Fit Your Way of Working.

Online Meetings

Online Meetings via Zoom (Beta)

To improve collaboration within ProjectPlace, we're replacing our current solution for online meetings with Zoom. This month's release includes a beta version of Instant Meetings, located in the top navigation bar.​ Users will be able to conduct online meetings with their team members. Here's what you need to know:

  • The instant meeting function includes the basic capabilities of Zoom, such as video, voice, chat, and screen sharing.​
  • When initiating a Zoom meeting, users can invite other ProjectPlace users directly.
  • ProjectPlace users can invite non-ProjectPlace users by sharing the meeting URL.
  • Invited ProjectPlace users will receive in-app and email notifications.
  • This Beta version features a limited version of the final online meeting experience:​
    • It is not possible to schedule a meeting ahead of time​
    • One-on-one meetings have no time limits, but meetings with more than two people have a 40 minute time limit
    • No recording capabilities​
    • Meetings are limited to 100 participants

To learn more, visit Use ProjectPlace with Zoom.

Planview Integrations

ProjectPlace and Spigit Integration

We're excited to announce the first phase of our ProjectPlace and Spigit integration! Using the integration, Spigit challenge administrators can convert an Idea into a ProjectPlace workspace for further development or implementation. The following data is sent to ProjectPlace from Spigit:

  • Idea title, description, and URL
  • Challenge URL
  • Closure and prediction data (added as non-erasable KPIs)

All ProjectPlace workspaces created from Spigit Ideas will be added to a Spigit Workspaces Portfolio in ProjectPlace, where the related KPIs can also be reviewed and updated as work progresses in ProjectPlace.

In Spigit, the ProjectPlace workspace URL is added to the Idea so that administrators can access the corresponding workspace.

For more information about the integration, please contact your Planview representative.

Mobile Apps

Read-only Board Display Enhancements

Read-only boards are now clearly marked in the mobile apps with the following visual enhancements:

  • A message is displayed when users open a board to which they have read-only access.
  • A padlock icon next to the board name is displayed to indicate that the board is read-only.

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the ProjectPlace Download Center

Other Enhancements

Microsoft Teams Integration Setting - New Location

The setting to enable the Microsoft Teams integration has been moved to the People tab in Account Administration.

To learn more, visit Manage Account Settings.

Workspace Overview Milestones

Based on your ProjectPlace Ideas feedback, the workspace overview now displays all outstanding milestones in a list, sorted by due date from oldest to newest.

Week Numbers in Plan Date Picker

Based on your ProjectPlace Ideas feedback, the date picker in the Plan now displays week numbers

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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