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About Workspace Templates

Save time using workspace templates that populate new workspaces with predefined content. Workspace templates can be used to enforce a structure, for example, if the organization uses a specific project model to maintain consistency between workspaces. Workspace templates save time for the person setting up a workspace, and team members will be familiar in any new workspace they are invited to, which makes working with new workspaces more efficient.

If you run recurring projects, setting up a workspace template saves time. For example, you can create a project plan with default activities and cards for detailed tasks that are required for each project. This not only saves time, but also serves as a reminder to plan important activities and tasks.

You can also add a predefined document folder structure and include documents that should be used in all workspaces.

All ProjectPlace users can create workspace templates. A workspace template can be personal, or be shared with colleagues, customers, and partners to minimize the time and energy spent on establishing a shared working method.

For more information about using workspace templates, see the Templates overview

Default workspace templates

ProjectPlace also offers several ready-to-use workspace templates. See Create a Workspace for instructions on creating a workspace from a template. Available default workspace templates include:

  • Planview SOW Consulting Template

  • Planview Recruitment Portal Template

  • Planview Event Planning Template

  • Planview Agile Marketing Template

  • Planview Product Delivery Template View best practice guide for this template

Project methodology workspace templates

ProjectPlace offers great support for running your projects based on established project methodologies. Currently we have one project methodology workspace template with our partner Semcon (XLPM). If your organization uses any other project methodology that you would like to see being supported as a workspace template in ProjectPlace, we would be happy to hear from you.


  • ProjectPlace XLPM 1.0 (only available to customers with their account in our EU datacenter)
  • ProjectPlace XLPM Svenska 1.2 (only available to Swedish accounts)

These templates are available by default to our customers and have been created together with our partner Semcon, which owns and develops the project methodology XLPM. XLPM includes model support for assignment, project, program, and portfolio management. XLPM is simple, adaptable, and suitable for use with an Agile approach. The template is based on the project model in XLPM and provides basic support for planning and executing work in projects. To take full advantage of the support in XLPM, you also need to have a license for XLPM online. Read more about the XLPM workspace template 

Visit Project Excellence by Semcon to read more about this offer and how you can get access to XLPM online.



See Create and Edit Workspace Templates for the next step.



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