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January 2016

This release was valid from 27 January 2016.

Current Release

  • New interface for time reporting
  • Improved proxy support in ProjectPlace for Windows
  • Aggregated timeline in Portfolios
  • Selected KPI's per portfolio
  • Minor updates to the Android app
  • Microsoft Power BI as reporting engine

New interface for time reporting

We have made it even easier for project members to report time with a brand new interface look and feel. Also in the new time reporting tool, time reported against cards that are connected to activities will appear in your time report. Time report information can also be exported to Excel for projects where you have administrative rights. Report time

Improved proxy support in ProjectPlace for Windows

We’ve enhanced the support for proxy servers in our document management app ProjectPlace for Windows. This change ensures the document management app works for all users, regardless of whether they use a proxy or not. As a result, the document management experience in ProjectPlace is smooth and user friendly for all users. About out document apps

Aggregated timeline in Portfolios

The new portfolio timeline provides a way to visualize the key project milestones aggregated across all projects in a portfolio within a single view. This is available to all users who have been invited to a ProjectPlace Portfolio. Follow up on portfolio and project status

Selected KPI's per portfolio

Portfolio administrators now have the ability to choose the KPIs that are relevant for a specific portfolio. This gives administrators the possibility to remove KPIs that are not used and helps stakeholders focus on what matters. It also makes it possible to have different sets of KPIs for different portfolios. Contact ProjectPlace to set up new KPIs for your account. Administrate portfolios

Minor updates in the Android app

Android users will experience some enhancements, providing them with a more complete ProjectPlace experience:

  • Ability to report time on cards
  • Ability to use points estimates in the cards
  • Updating your profile picture

Read about our mobile apps

Microsoft Power BI as reporting engine

With the newly launched ProjectPlace content pack for Microsoft Power BI, all users who are part of a ProjectPlace Enterprise Subscription can visualize their project data in entirely new ways. The out-of-box reports and dashboard provide key project statistics allowing you to visualize progress, find bottlenecks and identify at-risk activities across projects.

Read more: [1][2]

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