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March 2016

This release was valid from 30 March 2016.

Current Release

  • Custom KPIs in Portfolios
  • Enhanced board export

Custom KPIs in Portfolios

Project portfolios in Projectplace enable our Enterprise customers to track and share work progress and status. Portfolios also provide a communication platform for stakeholders for a group of projects. Project managers report on a set of KPIs that can be tailored to the need of their organization. New in this release is the opportunity for the account administrators to easily set up and manage KPIs in the account. KPIs are important both for measuring success and for setting direction. Set-up your customized set of indicators (text, numbers, status etc.) and decide how you want to measure and how frequently you want to get reports from the projects. Account administrators can also select which of the standard KPIs that should be available, and consequently deactivate KPIs that are not relevant for the current portfolio set. The deactivation will affect all portfolios and the status tab in all reporting projects.

Create custom KPIs for the account

Enhanced board export

We have updated the board export to include all metadata for cards. We have also enhanced the look and feel greatly.


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