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January 2021

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Account Administration

Enable Microsoft Power Automate Setting

The Third party software data access settings have been updated to include Enable Microsoft Power Automate. Selecting this setting will allow Microsoft Power Automate to read or change data in workspaces in the ProjectPlace account.

To learn more, visit Manage Account Settings.


Microsoft Power Automate Integration

We have created a ProjectPlace connector for MS Power Automate that enables users to build their own automated workflows between ProjectPlace and other apps. The first set of triggers (outgoing events from ProjectPlace) and actions (events in ProjectPlace) in this release will be related to card events. Please note that users will need a Microsoft Power license to build workflows using Power Automate.

To learn more, visit Integrate ProjectPlace with Other Online Services.

Workspace Administration

Time Reporting for Team Member Plus Accounts

We have now added the possibility for Workspace Administrators to turn on time reporting on cards even if Team Member Plus is configured on the account.

  • The toggle will be off by default when Team Member Plus is configured
  • Time reported in ProjectPlace can be accessed through the Plan or Board downloads
  • The Time reporting menu option in the global navigation will still point to the E1 or PPM Pro time sheet

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace Settings.

Other Enhancements

Search Function Improvements

We have overhauled the search functionality and added search filters for better coverage and performance. The following items are now included in the search criteria:

  • Title of artefact
  • Description
  • Comments 
  • Checklists (on cards)
  • Tags

It's now also possible to narrow your search by the following attributes using the new filter section:

  • Workspace
  • Boards
  • Document types

Finally, we've also added support for power commands:

  • Search for exact match using double quotes i.e. “Roadmap”
  • Include must have words in search using + i.e.  “Roadmap + 2021”
  • Exclude words from Search using +-  i.e. “Roadmap + 2021 +- 2020”

To learn more, visit Using Search.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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