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October 2021

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October 6, 2021

There are no feature updates in this week's deployment.

October 13, 2021

Portfolio Status Reminder update

The status reminder that notifies workspace managers to remember to update the KPI information on the Status page now excludes workspaces that have their status set to completed. (The status reminders previously only excluded workspaces with a status of Not Started.) 

For more information, visit Set Status Update Reminder.

October 20, 2021

Generate PDF for Printing Plan and Portfolio Schedules

The option to create a printable PDF version of the Plan Gantt schedule has been available for a long time in Projectplace; we've made some visual enhancements to the PDF to make it more consistent with how it appears in a browser. 

We have also added the capability to create a printable PDF version of the Portfolio schedule to enable easy sharing of the file or inclusion of the schedule in stakeholder reporting or other presentations.

For more information, see Export and Print the Plan or Work with Portfolios.

Portfolio Update – Hide KPI Columns

Customizing the portfolio view enables portfolio administrators to decide how to display information in the list view to people with access to the portfolio. Previously, it was not possible for portfolio administrators to hide KPI columns from the list view, but that is now possible with this release. Hiding KPI columns will not remove KPIs from the Portfolio, nor will it affect any of the status reports made for the KPIs. The customization settings apply to all users that have access to the portfolio.

For more information, visit Work with Portfolios.

October 28, 2021

Board List view – Custom Fields and Customize Capability 

The Boards list view can be used as a complement to the regular Kanban view for boards with a large number of cards, or when the user wants to easily sort the information on one of the attributes. We've made two enhancements to the board list view:

  • Custom fields used on cards in this workspace are now shown as columns in the board list view. 
  • A Customize list view setting option has been added to the board settings, enabling showing, hiding, or rearranging columns in the list view. These settings apply to all users that have access to the board.

For more information, visit Customize a Board to fit your way of working.

Account Administration – Updated Teams List View with Filter Option

The Teams tab in Account Administration lists all teams that have been created in the account. Teams have access to their own Team Overview for cross-workspace assignment reviews, and teams are also used to facilitate inviting a selected group of people to workspaces. We have made the following updates to the Teams list view in Account Administration to facilitate management of existing teams

  • We’ve updated the list view and added a column with information about how many workspaces the Team is currently invited to, which can be used as an indicator to show how actively this team is used.
  • We’ve added a filter option to make it easier to find a team based on the team's name, its administrators, or members.

For more information, visit Manage Teams in the account.

New Mobile app versions including Workspace Overview and Reports

Projectplace offers mobile apps on iOS and Android that are available for download from the app stores. These apps are a great way to enable users to stay in touch with ongoing work while on the go with push notifications that alert users in real time about updates relevant to them and their work. Updates in the latest versions of the apps include:

  • A workspace overview with a Details tab showing the workspace description and members, a report showing Activities and Cards Progress, and a summary of Issues and Risks in the workspace.
  • Updated color scheme and font in Android.

 Screenshot_20211026-134033.png        Screenshot_20211026-134201.png

Projectplace is available on App Store and on Google play.

Projectplace Apple Store       Projectplace Google Play Store


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