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November 2020

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Account Administration

Download Data from Multiple Workspaces

Account Administrators can now select up to 20 workspaces and download the data for the selected workspaces at the same time from the Workspaces list in Account Administration. ​When the download is finished, the user who requested the download will receive one email per workspace with a download link. ​

Only non-archived workspaces can be selected for download, and archived workspaces need to be reopened in order to download the data.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspaces in the Account.


Google Workspace Integration

Our new integration with Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) makes it possible to attach documents from your Google Workspace My Drive and Shared Drive as attachments on artefacts.​ It is also possible to search for a file within the folder structure of Google Workspace (as opposed to only filtering at the current folder level as is the case for other third party document repositories).

The Google Workspace option is available in the Documents tool file picker alongside other third-party document apps. Account Administrators also have the option to switch the integration on or off in Account Settings.

To learn more, visit About Document Apps.

Log Out from Third-Party Document Repositories

To enable users to switch between accounts for third-party document repositories if needed, the document file picker now has an option to log out of your third-party account(s).

To learn more, visit Work with Documents and Folders.

Remember Document Opening Option

To enhance your experience opening documents, Projectplace will remember your selection the last time you opened a document, and automatically select that choice the next time you open a document. (Previously, the default choice was always Microsoft Office for Web if the integration is enabled on the account).

To learn more, visit Work with Documents and Folders.


Label Updates

We've updated the label colors and settings in the Plan tool to be consistent with the Boards tool:

  • 14 label colors are now available for Milestones and Activities​

  • New Customize labels settings option available in the More menu​ that allows workspace managers to rename labels

  • Label names are also displayed in the Plan export and in OData for Power BI​

To learn more, visit Work with the Plan.


Milestone Status Text in Portfolio Report

To clarify the status of milestones to stakeholders, we've added explanatory text to color-coded milestones in the Portfolio report:

  • Red = Overdue (not done)​
  • Blue = Upcoming (not done)​
  • Green = Done

To learn more, visit Work with Portfolios.


Co-Assignments in Workload

Co-assignees' assignments are now also displayed in Workload:

  • In the card view, co-assigned cards are displayed in the list for a user in the same way as if they are assigned. ​

  • The capacity view will also display co-assignments, but will not split estimated time between assignees and co-assignees. ​

  • When transferring assignments to another user from the detail pane, assignments will be transferred to the destination user as co-assignments (unless that user is already assigned to the card, in which case the co-assignee will be removed). ​

To learn more, visit Work with the Workload Tool.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center

Mobile Apps Updates

There are two new updates in the latest version of the iOS and Android mobile apps:​

  • Third-party repositories that Account Administrators have blocked are not available when uploading attachments to cards and activities​
  • New label colors and descriptions are available in the Plan

Other Enhancements

Internet Explorer 11 Support Phase Out

We are dropping support for IE 11 with the following sequence:​​

  • We are now on limited support. Cosmetic, layout, or performance issues will no longer be fixed and another browser will be recommended. Customer critical bugs will be reviewed for potential fixes. ​​

  • We will be on minimal support starting December 31, 2020, meaning we will no longer conduct tests on IE 11 and only look into critical reported bugs.​​

  • We will completely stop supporting IE 11 after March 31st, 2021.​

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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