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August 2019

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Account Administration Enhancements

People and Workspace Settings

The people and workspaces settings are now separate options in Account Administration.

Card Templates Enhancements

Card Template Management

In July we introduced card templates, which make it quick and easy to create frequently recurring cards. To help you manage card templates for your workspace, we've introduced a new card templates list where users can create, edit, and delete card templates. We’ve also added the ability to include assignees and co assignees to card templates.

To learn more, visit Work with Card Templates.


OData for Portfolio Managers

We’ve created a new OData set for portfolio managers and stakeholders. Information about the workspaces in your portfolios and all KPI status reports are available for you to use in your reports.

To learn more, visit Visualize Your Projectplace Data Using Power BI.

Search Enhancements

Search Options and Performance Improvements

With the August release, it’s now possible to search for documents by tag!

We’ve also improved the general accuracy and performance of the search feature. For example, search now
excludes information in archived workspaces from search results by default.

Other Enhancements

New and Updated Toolbars for Boards and Conversations

To help you find your way around Projectplace, we've updated toolbars and icons across the service. Our August update includes a new toolbar for the Conversations tool, and an updated toolbar for the Boards tool.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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