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Planview Customer Success Center

November 2016

This guide provides information about the November 2016 release of Projectplace.

Workload access restricted per department

Workload presents a useful way to keep track of what work your people are spending time on and forms a basis for decisions. It also gives you an easy way to reallocate work between members in the account. For accounts with workload access there is now the ability to restrict users’ access by department. When the department restriction is set, the user will only be able to see the workload of members who belong to that specific department.  

This release adds more flexibility for organizations to provide workload access to team leads and department managers across the enterprise; without having to worry about what data they have access to. This feature also offers your workload managers a more focused, out-of-the-box view of their resources – limiting the need to filter every time they access the tool.

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We have also reintroduced the ability to invite members straight to a group.

Soon coming: Recent documents on the Overview.