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August 2021

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August 5, 2021

iOS Mobile App Update

A new version (6.9.0) of the iOS mobile app was released with the following updates:

  • Issues and risks are now available - users can see Issue or Risk assignments on My Overview and add or view Issues and Risks for a specific workspace.
  • Users can now use document review templates when initiating a document review workflow.

Starting with this update, all new versions of the iOS app will only be available for devices running on iOS 14.0 or later. The Projectplace iOS and Android apps are available for download in the app stores.

Projectplace is available on App Store and on Google play.

Projectplace Apple Store       Projectplace Google Play Store

August 11, 2021

Global Document Templates

With the latest update to Global Document Templates, it is now possible to:

  • Edit global document templates using the Projectplace app for Windows and Mac
  • Publish global document templates to all the workspaces within an account at once
  • Publish global document templates to all future workspaces

For more information, visit Manage Global Document Templates.

Download Requests

It is now possible to download all requests from the Request tool in the form of an Excel sheet. The option can be accessed from the settings menu within the Request tab.

      Request Export to Excel.png

For more information, visit Enable and Manage Workspace Requests.

August 18, 2021

Card Dependency Information in Exports

Information about card dependencies (cards that are waiting for the card and/or cards the card is waiting for) has been added to the board, plan, and workspace Excel exports. Note that card dependencies are only included in the workspace export when the option to include boards in the Workspace download has been selected.

For more information, visit Download a Board.

Updated Toolbar in the Documents Tool

The toolbar in the Documents tool has been upgraded to a better visual experience, to simplify the creation of new documents and folders.

For more information, visit Work with Documents and Folders

August 25, 2021

Export to XML Update

The Export Time reports to XML option in Account Administration (Workspaces section) has been updated to remove the risk of time-out for accounts with large amounts of data. When initiated, it will now run in the background, and a notification will be sent to the user once the file is ready for download (similar to how it works for other data exports.) The export request dialog has also been updated to correspond with the current design.

Customize List View in Documents

We have added a new Customize List View option under the Settings menu in Documents. This option allows the user to select which columns to display, and to rearrange order of the columns in the list. Settings will apply to the individual user's list view only.

August 26, 2021

New Risks, Issues, and KPIs Widgets

We have added more information to workspace reporting to capture various elements of projects:

  • Risk widget: Displays information about captured risks and their categorization (Impact/Probability).​

    Risk Widget.png

  • Issues widget: Displays information about the volume and priority of issues reported for the workspace. ​

    Issue Widget.png

  • KPIs widget: Visualizes information around the status reporting that happens at the workspace level for the KPIs defined. ​

    KPI Widget.png

For more information, visit Follow-up on Work Progress.

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