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December 2020

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Account Administration

Other Emails Added to People Report

We have updated the People Excel download report for Account Administrators:

  • The Email column has been renamed to Primary email (the Primary email is used by Projectplace to send email notifications)
  • We’ve added a new column that lists all other email addresses on the user account

To learn more, visit Manage Users in the Account.


Tags Information in Board Download

We have added information about card tags to the Board Excel download. (The card tags information is also available in the Cards tab in the Plan Excel download.)

To learn more, visit Download a Board.


Lock/Unlock Multiple Documents

We have made it possible to select multiple documents and lock/unlock them at once.

To learn more, visit Work with Documents and Folders.

Workspace Templates

Updated Plan User Interface in Workspace Templates

We've updated the Plan UI in Workspace Templates​ to make it more consistent with the regular Plan:

  • Similar colors and style to the Plan

  • Additional columns available in the WBS: Board Connection, Cards, Estimated time, Custom Fields​

  • The new label colors and the ability to customize their names are also now available 

  • The Optimize Dependencies and Undo options have been added  

To learn more, visit Work with Workspace Templates.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center

New Pilot Launch: Offline Support for Boards and Cards

We have made it possible to work with cards on a board even when the user is offline:

  • Recent boards will be synced to the apps and available in offline mode
  • Card attributes can be updated in offline mode, updates will be added to the card when user comes back online
  • Timestamp for updates will be when the user comes back online

Currently, this feature is available as a pilot program only. Contact Planview Customer Care to request this feature for your account.

Other Enhancements

Select/Deselect All Workspaces

We have added a select/deselect all checkbox to the Manage workspace list feature, accessible from the top of the Workspace dropdown, that enables users to hide some workspaces from the top of the workspace dropdown list.

To learn more, visit Creating and Managing Workspaces.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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