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Visualize Your ProjectPlace Data Using Power BI


About Power BI for ProjectPlace

With the Planview ProjectPlace Power BI data sets, you can extract and visualize your ProjectPlace data directly in Microsoft Power BI. Use your ProjectPlace sign-in credentials to interactively view key statistics, find out who your most active and productive team members are, and identify at-risk cards and activities across workspaces in your ProjectPlace account. You can also extend the out-of-the box dashboard and reports to get insights that are most important to you.



Only account members can access ProjectPlace data via Power BI.  External members will not be able to access the data.


ProjectPlace Power BI Data Sets

Our ProjectPlace Power BI datasets are specifically designed to simplify the creation of reports and align the naming of data elements to match the current naming within ProjectPlace.

The following datasets are available for use with Power BI Desktop (Cloud), which is a Microsoft application that you can install on your local computer. The Power BI Desktop application allows you to connect to, transform, and visualize your workspace data. 

View table descriptions for ProjectPlace OData sets for Power BI

Dataset for Workspace Managers

This dataset contains data for all workspaces that you own or are an administrator of:

  • Activities, boards, cards, and their related data
  • Workspace members and card assignments 
  • Issues and risks 
  • Estimated and reported time
  • Custom fields on cards and activities defined in your workspaces
  • Tags used on Cards or Issues/Risks in your workspaces
  • Workspace information such as Status, Department, Cost center 

Account Owners can submit a request to Customer Support to grant OData super user access to the dataset for workspace managers to a user. This role can only be granted to a user that already has Account Administrator privileges in the account. An OData super user will be able to generate reports based on data from all workspaces in the account, not only workspaces that this user is an owner or administrator of.

Dataset for Portfolio Managers

This dataset contains data about all portfolios that you own or are a stakeholder of:

  • Portfolio name
  • Workspace name and related information (e.g. department, status, milestones, etc.)
  • Status reports (i.e. all KPI data points reported on over time for that workspace)

Dataset for Account Owners and Administrators

This dataset contains data related to people and workspaces in the account:

  • Information about People in the account (e.g. name, email, date they joined the account, role etc.)
  • Information about Workspaces in the account (e.g. name, head admin, date of creation, members count, last activity date etc.)
  • Link between People and workspaces and what role the user has in a specific workspace
  • Information about Requests and Custom Form Fields (e.g. name, type of request, the URL of the request, etc.)

Connect to a Data Set in Power BI Desktop

To use a ProjectPlace dataset in Power BI Desktop:

  1. Download and Install Power BI Desktop.
  2. Open Power BI Desktop after the download has completed and select Get Data and then search for "ProjectPlace" and pick "ProjectPlace for Power BI" from the result.
  3. The OData URL to use for Workspace data is
  4. The OData URL to use for Portfolio data is
  5. The OData URL to use for Account data is
  6. Login to ProjectPlace.
  7. When prompted, allow Power BI to access your ProjectPlace information.
  8. Select what data to download from the available listed tables.
  9. Wait while the system loads the data. The activation process for Power BI is completed after the data has been loaded.


PowerBI Template for Workspace Manager Dataset

To help you get started, we've created a template for the Workspace Managers' dataset that contains the basic relationships between the data set tables and some example visualizations for Overall Progress, Card Summary, Work Distribution & Issues and Risks.

Work Progress Dashboard

This tab includes an overall view of the progress of the work by breaking the status of Cards, Activities, and Milestones across the different Workspaces. The visualizations can be filtered or sliced by Workspace, Board or Workspace Owner



Card Summary Dashboard

This tab includes a detailed status of cards across workspaces analyzed by status, due date, label, board, and activity. This view also includes a burnup chart to analyze the throughput of work in time. The visualizations can be filtered or sliced by Workspace, Board, or Workspace Owner.



Work Distribution Dashboard

This tab helps in the analysis of work distribution and assignments. The treemap view allows slicing and/or visualizing the volume of cards by assignee, and additional details can also be seen in the data table. The work distribution is also broken by status and due date. The visualizations can be filtered or sliced by Workspace, Board, or Workspace Owner.



Issues and Risks Dashboard

This tab helps in the analysis of issues and risks by status, due date, assignee, priority, risk level, and risk response. The visualizations can be filtered or sliced by Workspace or Workspace Owner.



To use the PowerBI Template for ProjectPlace: 

  1. Download and Install Power BI Desktop.
  2. Download the template  PowerBI template for ProjectPlace (V4)
  3. Open template in PowerBI Desktop.
  4. When Prompted, sign in and login to ProjectPlace, then click Connect.
  5. When prompted, allow Power BI to access your ProjectPlace information.
  6. Wait while the system loads the data. 
  7. The template is now loaded.


Please note! When creating this template, we've set the relationship between the Activities table and the Card table to inactive, in order to make the Activities and Workspaces relationship and the Cards and Workspaces relationship active. This setting enables easy filtering of archived workspace data. Depending on how you would like to build your reports, you may want to update the relationships in the template file. Also remember that sometimes you may have activities without any cards on them yet, and there may also be cards on your boards that do not belong to any activity.

For customers who have a ProjectPlace Sandbox environment and would like to access data in this environment to create or test Power BI reports, the following URLs are available:

Sandbox in the EU datacenter:

Sandbox in the US datacenter:



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