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June 2017

With this latest release, we are excited to introduce new capabilities that allow users to customize their task execution processes, enhance their document management experience, and better collaborate with their peers while on the go.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Card relationships
  • Custom fields on cards
  • Microsoft OneDrive integration
  • Updated desktop apps for document management

Card relationships

For managers looking to improve their task execution processes, ProjectPlace is now introducing the ability to create relationships between cards or tasks on the Kanban board. This will allow our users to set up and execute on tasks sequentially. Cards can be related across boards within the same workspace, creating an easier experience when working across a workspace.

For more information, see Work with a card.

Custom fields on cards

Continuing with this release’s theme of customizing your task execution processes, ProjectPlace is excited to support the ability to create custom fields in the card details pane. Need to add key performance indicators to cards? Does the assignee need more specific information about the task? Look no further, within each board you can now customize the fields you see on cards, without any help from IT.

For more information, see Manage custom fields.

Updated desktop apps for document management

We have made several updates to our Document management apps. To benefit from the updates, make sure to download the new versions of ProjectPlace for Mac or ProjectPlace for Windows.

Download document apps here.

Microsoft OneDrive integration

ProjectPlace has always been committed to improving how our users collaborate with one another. Along with our own document repository, we understand that you may be using other third party document applications. No problem! With our new integration with Microsoft OneDrive, you can now attach documents to conversations, comments, activities, and cards directly from your OneDrive system without having to switch out of ProjectPlace. This seamless integration brings your OneDrive document hierarchy directly into the context of your daily work.

Uplifted documents tool

With this release, we have also made incremental changes to uplift the user interface and improve performance in the Documents tool.

For more information, see Work with documents and folders.

Other enhancements

ProjectPlace is proud to introduce several features meant to further streamline your experience. You can now set up 2-factor authentication for external users, improving your partner’s security experience. ProjectPlace has also brought the ability to hide workspaces, decreasing clutter throughout your account.

ProjectPlace has also introduced a new mobile app for iOS users. With major interface improvements, the new functionality includes smoother mobile access to Documents and ‘My Overview’. Check out the link here.

Over the last month, we have also released many performance related enhancements and bug fixes. Our main goal at ProjectPlace is to provide an efficient, effective, performant space to collaborate and execute on work.


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