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November and December 2018

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Account Administration

New Interface to Manage Workspaces More Efficiently

We've uplifted the Workspace tool within Account Administration by introducing several feature updates, including the ability to:

  • filter workspaces on several parameters
  • change workspace administrators
  • download workspace data for multiple workspaces as an Account Administrator without having to navigate to each individual workspace

Note: This feature will be available in late December 2018.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace in the Account



To learn more about these new features, visit Work with Boards.


Collapse Columns

Boards can get very crowded if there are many process steps and many cards, which can make it difficult to focus on what’s important here and now. We’ve acknowledged this issue and are now introducing the ability to collapse (or hide) columns on a board. So now you can hide irrelevant columns during a meeting with stakeholders or only display the portion of a board that you are currently working on.

See and Update Activity Details from the Board

With this update, we have made it easier to work with Activities connected to a Board. Although you could see the Activity with its description and due date from the board, you previously needed to navigate away from the Board to the Plan tool to access and manage details about connected activities. You can now access a connected activity’s details pane directly from the Board to see and update all of the activity’s information without having to navigate away from the Board.

Burn up Chart Temporarily Removed

We are currently working to bring the next generation technology to the Boards tool and need to temporarily remove the option to use the Burn up chart. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we are working to make it available as soon as possible.

Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app, visit the Apps download center to get either the iOS or Android mobile app today.

Board Filter Updates

This month's update provides mobile app users the ability to filter any available custom fields for a board.

Set Labels When Creating Cards

Android users can now directly set a label, in addition to the previously available option to assign a card to yourself, when creating new cards on an Android device making it even easier to manage your work when you are on the go.

New Document Review Improvements

Last month, we introduced the ability to create a document review workflow. Now, we’ve added the ability for mobile app users to complete a workflow-initiated document review on the go.

We are introducing another feature commonly requested from our Android users. In addition to completing document reviews in the mobile app, users can also initiate a document review directly from the mobile app.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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