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About Document Management in ProjectPlace

Use ProjectPlace for your project documentation to give all project members easy access to the latest version of documents, wherever they are and whenever they need it. You can also share documents with any project stakeholder, whether the person uses ProjectPlace or not.

Keep a central document archive in the Documents tool where you can collaborate on documents with no fuss, safe, and secure. If needed, you can restrict access to specified folders.

You can keep discussion and comments around documents in one place instead of keeping track of several email threads. By using the version management feature, you can always go back to any previous version so no changes are lost.

There are a number of ways you can keep track of changes to documents, including the complete history of documents with information who has read or changed it and when, keeping you in full control.

There is also a powerful review function that lets you gather feedback on documents in a structured way.

Not only do you get a powerful document archive, you can also link to documents in the document archive from your cards, activities, and conversations, keeping all information needed to perform a task in one place.

On the Document Management Overview you will find valuable information and additional help on managing documents in ProjectPlace. 


Download our Document App to make working with documents even easier. The app will open your document in the native program and when you’re done automatically sync it back to ProjectPlace. No need to save locally before editing and no risk of multiple versions!


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