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July 2018

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Follow Documents

We have extended the Follow functionality so that users can now follow documents in addition to cards. It's also possible to select multiple documents or cards at once to follow all of the selected items. Followers will get notifications when an action is taken with the followed document or card. 

To learn more, visit Work with Documents and Folders.


Unified Documents and Knowledge Base in Templates

We have made the Documents tool in Templates consistent with Workspaces. We have also enhanced the Knowledge Base to be more useful and consistent with other Projectplace tools.

To learn more, visit Add a Knowledge Base to a Template.

Workspace Administration

Custom Fields Update

Workspace administrators now have the ability to create additional data fields in CardsActivities, and Documents. Administrators can create up to 10 custom fields for each artifact. Field types include Text, Drop-Down List, and Time. In this release, we are introducing two new custom field types: Date and Mullti-Select.

To learn more, visit Manage Custom Fields.

New Members Detail Pane

Now, when you select a member from the Members tab in the workspace, you'll see the new Member Details Pane. The Member Detail Pane has a familiar look as it is consistent with the other detail panes you already use in Projectplace.  You can assign the member's department or change access rights from the detail pane.

To learn more, visit Work with Members and Groups.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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