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May 2017

Roadmap Workspace Time Reporting

Projectplace is continuing to enhance its recently released Roadmap workspace. In this release you will have the ability to report time against your roadmap activities.  As your team members execute and deliver on work, they can now report their time back to roadmap initiatives for improved tracking of estimates and actuals against long-term, strategic objectives.

For more information see the following pages:

Roadmap Workspace Access Rights

Provide security and flexibility for workspace administrators with Projectplace’s new roadmap access rights model. Limit or revoke access for any workspace member to improve the privacy of your long-term plans. 

Team Overview Dashboard

Within our new Team Overview, team members can now visualize key summary metrics around the state of their team's work.  The new dashboard enables team leaders and members to easily identify work in progress and overdue while understanding team member workload levels. This allows your team to quickly realize and combat any bottlenecks in efficiency.

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