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August 2020

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Account Administration

New Portfolio Manager Role

Account Administrators can now grant account members access to portfolios under the People tab in Account Administration, so that users can access the Portfolios tool and create new portfolios without being assigned an Account Administrator role.

Account Administrators can also filter the list of members displayed in the People tab based on portfolio access, and this information is also available in the Excel report.

To learn more, visit Manage Users in the Account.


Card Dependencies Updates

It is now also possible to add card dependencies between cards on boards with access rights restrictions​. Users that do not have access to the dependent card will see that there is a dependency, but will not be able to navigate to the card. Previously, card dependencies could only be added between cards that are not affected by any access rights restrictions.

To learn more, visit Work with Cards.


Custom Fields on Milestones

Any custom fields defined for activities are now available to use on milestones in the Plan tool.

To learn more, visit Work with the Plan.

Workspace Administration

Documents Tool Access Rights Updates

Workspace Administrators can now define the level of access to the Documents tool for new groups. Whenever a new group is created in the workspace, they will automatically inherit the access setting defined under the "Set access rights for new groups" section.

In the Documents tool, the Workspace Administrator or creator of a folder can define the access level for new groups directly at the folder level, so that all new groups created in the workspace will automatically inherit that level of access.

To learn more, visit Manage Workspace Settings and Manage Access to Document Folders.

New Workspace Automation Rules

Workspace Administrators can now create a rule that automatically clears the recycle bin of items older than a certain days’ limit. The following items are available to choose for deletion:

  • Cards​
  • Documents​
  • Folders​
  • URLs​
  • Shared links​
  • Meetings​
  • All of the above​

Workspace Administrators can now create a rule that automatically assigns a document review to a new member when they join a workspace, to assist with onboarding new members with project details and other policies. The following information can be configured:

  • If a member belongs to a particular group
  • Set duration for due date​
  • Lock the document while in review

To learn more, visit Manage Account Rules.

Workspace Templates

Custom Fields on Workspace Templates

We’ve also enabled custom fields on workspace templates. Now when users create a workspace template from an existing workspace that has custom fields defined, they will have the option to include the custom fields in the new template.

To learn more, visit Work with Workspace Templates.


OData for Workspace Managers Updates

We’ve added more information to the OData set for Workspace Managers​, including:

  • Card Tags​
  • Multiselect Custom Field (Cards/Activities)​
  • Archive status for workspace ​

We’ve also updated workspace access for the OData set. Users now have access to all workspaces of which they are administrators, including workspaces in accounts of which they are external users.

To learn more, visit Visualize Your Projectplace Data Using Power BI.

New OData Set for Account Owners and Administrators

We’ve added a completely new OData set for Account Owners and Administrators, providing information related to people and workspaces in the account.

To learn more, visit Visualize Your Projectplace Data Using Power BI.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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