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May 2019

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Classify Documents with Tags

We’ve added more flexibility when working with Documents this month. Now you can classify or categorize any Document within the Documents tool by adding tags. Assigning Document tags allows users the ability to quickly and easily filter documents with the tags you’ve added in the document’s detail pane.

To learn more, visit Document Tags.


Group Member @Reference Email Notifications

Due to user feedback, email notifications are sent to individual members of a group when the group is mentioned in a comment, even if the user has selected the only when @referenced setting in their email notification settings.

To learn more, visit Manage your User Account and Settings.

@Reference All Team Members

On the Conversations tab of the Team Overview page, use @all members to send a notification to everyone on your team, rather than @referencing each person individually.

Mobile Apps

If you do not have a mobile app, visit the Apps download center to get either the iOS or Android mobile app today.

Document Tags

Mobile app users can now view, edit, and filter document tags in mobile apps.

Work with Third-Party Document Links

Android app users can now view and open links in Documents that are stored in third-party repositories like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Box. (Coming soon to the iOS app.)

Other Enhancements

New Two-Step Verification Settings

To help keep your data secure, we have added two new options for authentication settings. Workspace administrators can now make two-step verification mandatory for users in their workspace, and users now have the option to use Yubikey for two-factor authentication during login.

To learn more, visit Manage Your User Account and Settings.

Edit Custom Fields

Custom fields are great when you want to add your own attributes to Cards, Documents or Activities. Users now have more flexibility when setting up custom fields, including the ability to add or edit existing field values of single- and multiple-choice selection fields, and delete existing field value options. The option limit has increased from 10 to 99.

To learn more, visit Manage Custom Fields.

New Directory Location

The Directory is now located under the tool selector instead of the Administration tab in the toolbar.

To learn more, visit Use the Directory.


A number of performance-related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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